410-DST-A6TS1 - 40mm Frame, 0.10kW Servomotor

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In stock

40mm Frame, 0.10kW Servomotor W/ 16bit Encoder for 60V


0.10kW Low Inertia AC Servo Motor. Voltage class should be selected as 60V version for pair with DYN2 servo drive, or 200V version for pair with DYN4 servo drive.

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Model# 410-DST-A6 _ _ 1

Motor Specification
Servo Motor Model410-DST-A6 _ _ 1
Rated Output 0.1kW
Rated Voltage 60V 200V
Applicable Servo Drive DYN2 DYN4
Rated Torque 0.318Nm
Instantaneous Max. Torque 0.955Nm
Rated Current 3.0A 0.99A
Max. Current 9.0A 3.0A
Rated Speed 3000rpm
Max. Speed 5000rpm
Rotor Inertia 0.063kg-cm^2
Torque Coefficient 0.106N∙m/A 0.384N∙m/A
Encoder 16-bit Absolute [ ABS-16-01 ]
Mass 0.50kg
Ratings Time Rating: Continuous
Thermal Class: F
Excitation Method: Permanent Magnet
Insulation Resistance: DC500V, >20MΩ
Noise: ≤60dB; No Special Noise
Environment Ambient Temperature: 0~40 °C
Storage: -20~50°C
Ambient Humidity: 20~80%
No Condensation
Enclosure IP65
Shock 98m/s2 Max. (10G)
More Information
Shaft Type Straight
Motor Frame 40mm
Watts 200
Shaft Size 8mm
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