Acorn Digitizing CNC Software License

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Reseller Acorn Digitizing Bundle CNC Software


  • 2D and 3D Digitizing, Grid, Radial, Contour.
  • Digitizing cycles is easy push button menu driven operation. (no macros needed!)
  • Export Data to Cad/Cam
  • Auto G code generation
  • Unlimited Auto Tool Height Measurement
  • Full set of menu driven Probing cycles (Bore, Single Edge, Web, Slot, Inside corner, outside corner)
  • Eighteen WCS locations (G54 thru 59 plus 12 more)
  • Menu driven Auto Coordinate System Rotation with Probe
  • Works with Centroid DP-4 Touch Probe or any other Contact probe.
  • All features of the CNC12 Free and Pro are included
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