Retrofit Projects

  1. Semi-rigid tapping with Mach 3

    Project Semi-rigid tapping with Mach 3

    I'm using a UC100 motion controller with your C11G breakout board to control a KBCC-125R DC motor driver for the spindle. Then the axis are Automation Technologies Nema 23 3 phase hybrid steppers with their KL-5080H controllers which are very accurate and fast!

    The floating tap holder allows for a little over 1/4" of movement in either direction and it is made from hardened A2 tool steel. It uses two set screws from alternate directions to drive the square tang of the tap and one set screw on the top to hold a split steel drill bushing for the taps shaft OD. The two shoulder

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  2. Laser Cutting Machine

    Shizuoka Milling machine 

    Controls upgrade project.

    My Shizuoka 3B-V Vertical machining center was built in 1985 and originally had a FANUC 6M Control. The control was very antiquated and difficult to program. The machine has a 28” X travel, 15” Y travel and 16” Z travel. It weighs in at about 11,000 pounds.

    It’s a really well-built machine and I wanted to modernize it with a PC-based control. After searching the Internet and looking through several CNC machining  forums I decided to work with CNC4PC for this conversion.

    The original control system components and wiring were completely removed and replaced with components purchased from CNC4PC.

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  3. Mini Lathe retrofit using Mach4 + PoKeys57E + M16D and Clearpath servos

    I started studying CNC quite recently. 2 years ago. Virtually all breakout boards I purchased from Arturo Duncan CNC4PC: C10, C11GS. On the C11G board, I converted my first Lathe Grizzly G0768 into CNC.I used   Mach3 software and a parallel port. But the number of modern computers with a printer port is getting smaller; there are practically none at all. We have to look for old computers and install Windows XP on them - an   operating system that is already 16 years old! But I'd like to have a new computer (even laptop) with a modern

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