Wiring MASSO G3 with THC1 and PTS-1


Under Multi-head enable plasma torch box and leave the MASSO DTHC software module required box unticked or it will not work.

You can leave X, Y & Z offset at 0 if you are a standalone Plasma machine.

Torch Touch Offset value is used to compensate for the difference in torch height with respect to the touch-off switch. This value is not used for Ohmic touch.

Wire the THC to MASSO as shown above

Remember to invert inputs as needed to show Low when they are not active. eg Plasma-Arc OK, THC-Up & THC-Down

Inputs are inverted by selecting the input and pressing the spacebar.

Enable Plasma and leave DTHC software module disabled

Assigning THC Inputs

Assign other Inputs



N0040  G200
N0060 F20 (Start probing axion on the Z-axis to a depth of up to 10mm)
N0070 M64 P7 (Activate Output 7)
N0080 G38,2 Z-10 (Start probing axion on the Z-axis to a depth of up to 10mm)
N0090 M65 P7 (Deactivate Output 7)
N00100 G91 Z 2 (After probing move the Z-Axis 2mm up. This sets the motion to relative mode)
N00110 G90 (Set motion mode back to absolute)
N00120 M03 (Start the Torch)
N00130 G04 P2000 (Set a Pause of 2 seconds to allow the pierce time.)
N00140 G01 X5 (Cutting a 5mm square.)
N00150 Y5
N00160 X0
N00170 Y0
N00180 M05 (Turn off the Plasma)