The main objectives of these step-by-step instructions are:

  • Power the Board and e-stop and test that the board activates/deactivates at hardware level only with e-stop.
  • Install the UCCNC license and configure the pinout and functions of UCCNC supported by the C76 and test that UCCNC is communicating with the C76 OK.
  • Enable and configure the Safety Charge Pump to make sure the C76 activates (green LED) when UCCNC becomes active (out of reset).

Software: UCCNC V 1.2115

STEP 1: Connect an E-Stop button to short the E-Stop terminals, disable the Safety Change Pump (JUMPER=OFF). The SCHP is a watchdog, which will allow the board to activate only while the control software is active. This should activate the board (green LED). IF not, check other possible fault conditions and make sure they are not active. 


STEP 2: Make sure the controller is connected to an Ethernet port on the PC and powered with LEDs ON.


STEP 3: The UCCNC license must be installed in order to establish the connection with the hardware. Replace the demo license that comes with the UCCNC installation with the license that you purchased.


STEP 4: Run the UC Utilityxxx program to establish the connection, set a fixed IP on the PC’s LAN card, and whitelist the device on the network. You may need to manually configure the LAN’s IPv4 protocol to use a fixed.





STEP 5: Download the software and run it as follows for its operation. This software will configure all the pinouts and functions supported by the C76.

If you prefer, you can also configure UCCNC Manually:



  • Select the profile of your preference> click on install.


  • Finally, click on Close.

STEP 6: Start UCCNC and it should show that it is licensed and should talk ok to the UC300ETH installed in the C76.




STEP 7: Test the E-Stop by opening the circuit a confirming the green LED goes off. You can now enable back on the SCHP by moving (JUMPER=ON) so it will be UCCNC that will enable the system. You should get the green LED while the e-stop switch is closed and UCCNC is active.