Used software: Mach3 Version 3.043.062 with Win 10 Fix.

The main objectives of these step-by-step instructions are:

  • Power the Board and e-stop and test that the board activates/deactivates at hardware level only with e-stop.
  • Install the C82 license and configure the pinout and functions of MACH4 supported by the C82 and test that MACH3 is communicating with the C82 OK.
  • Enable and configure the Safety Charge Pump to make sure the C82 activates (green LED) when MACH3 becomes active (out of reset).

STEP 1: Connect an E-Stop button to short the E-Stop terminals,and  disable the Safety Change Pump (JUMPER=OFF). The SCHP is a watchdog, which will allow the board to activate only while the control software is active. This should activate the board (green LED). IF not, check other possible fault conditions and make sure they are not active. 


STEP 2: Make sure the controller is connected to an Ethernet port on the PC and powered with LEDs ON.


STEP 3: Download the software for ESS, If you prefer to configure Mach4 and the Plugin Manually, you skip this step and follow these instructions


  • Open the program Mach3 and select the profile of your preference
  • Configuration
  • Configuration plugins
  • Enable ESS
  • OK
  • Restart Mach3


STEP 4:Download and copy the XML configuration file for Mach3.

  • Save it to the Mach3 folder. Rename it if you want to give your profile a specific name.
  • This should give you a green LED.
  • IF not, check other possible fault conditions and make sure they are not active.


STEP 5:Run the SCU_Application_v1.3.1 

    • Click on Start PC Configuration

  • Click in Easy Mode

  • Select SmoothStepper Network 13> click on Configure Everything.

  • It should appear as shown in the screenshot and close the window.

STEP 6:Start Mach3. 

  • Start Mach3 using the new profile you downloaded.
  • select the ESS as the default motion device.
  • You should get the green LED when you press the reset button.
  • you can proceed to set the travel info for the axes and set up the max spindle speed for the spindle.

  • Save your configuration and restart Mach3.


STEP 7:Wiring test 

  • Test the E-Stop by opening the circuit a confirming the green LED goes off.
  • You can now enable back on the SCHP by moving (JUMPER=ON) so it will be the control software that will enable the system.