Mach4 and ESS Plugin Configuration for THC-3
Mach4 V ESS_v278.1


Used software: Mach4

ESS Plugin Mach4: ESS v278.1

 Screen and Macros 



STEP 1: Start by making a backup of the existing installation:


Make a backup of the configuration and file installation, we recommend creating a backup of the current installation by right-clicking in the current installation folder and zipping it. 



STEP 2: Setup Bluetooth configuration



STEP 3: Enabled Modbus Plugin:



STEP 4: Configure Modbus communications

Enabled Modbus Plugin:  Configure/Plugins/Modbus




STEP 5: Modbus functions (Receive)





STEP 6: Modbus functions (Send):






STEP 7: Test connection:



STEP 8: Download the Screen and paste

Download the compressed file containing the macros and screen that work with the macros: 

You will need to install the screen found in the download folder and place the macro in the macros directory for the profile folder.




STEP 9: Configurations Tab


STEP10: Screens description.


Automatically establishes the SetPoint based on the cutting height that is set.



Is the target voltage to be achieved.



Limit from 40 to 400VDC, True Voltage measured for the plasma.



Is the tolerance or (+/-) voltage range used to generate an adjustment. The torch height is not commanded to adjust if the true voltage is within side the specified range.  It can be between 2 to 32VDC



  • Select the test mode button on the screen, and the test led will turn on.
  • In test mode select DN or UP to make the spindle move. The LED will turn on according to the direction.
  • To exit test mode, Press the test mode button again.
  • Z-axis correction will start after the DT seconds you set after the ACR OK signal is sensed.

Test Mode is to simulate the signals coming from the THC unit. This can be used to test the wiring and configuration to make the unit can read the signals sent.  



Torch motion starts the number of seconds you set as DT after the ARC signal is determined. This can be a value between 0.1 to 9.9 seconds.



This is the divider ratio matching the one set in the plasma power supply. This can be a value between 1 to 60.



This data smoothes the voltage reading. This can be a value between 0 to 3.



value of the off load voltage detection in the plasma cutter - used to detect the main (cutting) arc: 50- 300V by default: 200V.



when enabled : activate output 10 (to enable PTS)

when disabled : disable output 10 (to disable PTS)



Set the OFF SET_Z




  • If the height adjustment is not smooth or overshoots the position, lower the % of correction speed.
  • Make sure MACH4 is properly licensed, and THC does not work on DEMO Mode.
  • If you do not see action on the signals coming from the THC, try tracing them by measuring them at the output of the THC, the input of the breakout board, the LEDs of the breakout board, the Software Diagnostics, the software function, etc...  You need to understand where you are losing them.


Macro 20300

Q – Set the Height parameter

- Set the Delay parameter (0 - 10)

H - Set the V Range parameter (0 - 32)

E - Set the Set Point (40 - 265)

A - 1 = Auto Setpoint parameter active.

      0 = Auto Setpoint parameter disabled.

“M20300 Q2 P2 H2 E120 A1”



No need to set all parameters


This instruction has been updated for these instructions.

MACH4 Configuration for THC-3 V.1 

This instruction has been updated for these instructions.

Mach4 Configuration for THC-3 Ver.3