Mach4 and ESS Plugin Configuration for THC
Mach4 V ESS_v278.1 

Used software: Mach4

ESS Plugin Mach4: ESS v278.1





Start by making a backup of the existing installation:

Make a backup of the configuration and file installation, we recommend creating a backup of the current installation by right-clicking in the current installation folder and zipping it. 



STEP 2: Download, extract and copy the SS_HC_v06.set into the Mach4 screens directory.



STEP 3: These wiring samples for connection can be used:


 STEP 4: Configure the Mach4 Plasma Screen.


STEP 5: Configure the ESS plugin:





STEP 6: Test the Wiring and Configuration:

  • Press the knob three times to enter test mode in the THC and observe the ARC OK signal activate.
  • Turn the knob up or down to move the axis and observe the Torch UP and Torch Down LEDs activate when moving in each direction.  The Z-Axis should also move to adjust the position.
  • To exit test mode, press the knob once.




  • If the height adjustment is not smooth or overshoots the position, lower the % of correction speed.
  • Make sure MAch4 is properly licensed, and THC does not work on DEMO Mode.
  • If you do not see action on the signals coming from the THC, try tracing them by measuring them at the output of the THC, the input of the breakout board, the LEDs of the breakout board, the Software Diagnostics, the software function, etc...  You need to understand where you are losing them.


This instruction is the update for these old instructions.

This instruction has been updated for these instructions.