PanelWizard Pendant Configuration for Mach4 with ESS and C22

Used software: Mach4

ESS Plugin Mach4: ESS v278.1

It is a good practice to check for the current ESS Plugin recommendations: 

Plugin config.  The following sample shows the configuration using a C22 on LPT3 of the ESS.  But if using older boards, like the C32 or C62, you would be using LPT2 of the ESS.

STEP 1: Pins Config


STEP 2: Input Signal



STEP 3: Output Signal


STEP 4: Control Configuration / MPGs



A custom screen is needed.  You can download and install the sample screen or you can modify your own.

You can download, install, and use this screen if you can work with a standard screen:

Or you can edit the screen manually by adding the Lua code as explained below.  If using the screen on the link above, skip the instructions for inserting the code manually and go to step 6.


Right-click on ControlGroup

Download and copy the Panel Function:

Exit and save the screen and it will be ready.



STEP 6:  Install the Panel Wizard files: 




Step 7. You can edit the pendant functions using the wizard (Optional):

Open the Panel Wizard.


 Select the device you are using.

 Start Looking for the signals while you activate them.

Select the function that you want to edit by selecting the input signal

Once you assigned the pins, you need to close the panel wizard and restart Mach4 for the changes to take effect.