Instructions for configuring Mach4 to use the PTS-1


The objective of these instructions is to have Mach4 activate the enable pin that will let the PTS-1 set in probe mode. 

Used software: Mach4

ESS Plugin Mach4: ESS v278.1


Make sure to use Mach4 is properly licensed.



Start by making a backup of the existing installation:

Make a backup of the configuration and file installation, we recommend creating a backup of the current installation by right-clicking in the current installation folder and zipping it. 



STEP 2: Download, extract and copy the wxPlasma_Probe.set into the Mach4 screens directory.



STEP 3: Configure\Plugins\ESS V278.1\Pins Config


STEP 4: Configure\Plugins\ESS V278.1\Input Signal


STEP 5: Configure\Plugins\ESS V278.1\Output Signal


STEP 6: While the G31 command is probing, you should see action on the Probing LED.



STEP 7: For testing the PTS-1 you can use this code with does not require any special macro.  Not that you could modify your post to generate the required probing commands. 


N0060 G31 Z-10 F40   (Start probing axion on the Z-axis to a depth of up to 10mm and Set the Probing Speed 40mm/sec)
N0050 F800 (Set the cutting Speed 800mm/sec)
N0070 G91 Z 2 (After probing move the Z-Axis 2mm up. This sets the motion to relative mode)
N0080 G90 (Set motion mode back to absolute)
N0090 M62 P5 (Activate Output 5)
N0100 G04 P2000 (Set a Pause of 2 seconds to allow the pierce time.)
N0110 G01 X5 (Cutting a 5mm square.)
N0120 Y5
N0130 X0
N0140 Y0
N0150 M63 P5 (Deactivate Output 5)
N0160 G01 X0
N0170 M30 (End program.)





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