Attach the capacitor to the terminals of the analog input and ferrite beads as close as possible to the connection to the THC and as close as possible to the noise source.  Use appropriate connection methods and avoid loose splices or connections that could generate more noise or pose a danger. The capacitor could add a minor delay, in the order of milliseconds, which should not affect the THC operation.


Use these links as references:


Wiring Sample 1:


Wiring Sample 2:


Check that the polarity of the plasma is correct, keep in mind that the arc output through the divider can cause variations in the output due to the internal circuitry. Overvoltage or reverse polarity power applied to these terminals can cause damage to the board and/or power source.         


This notice aims to provide general guidelines and should not replace advice from qualified experts in electrical engineering and electronics. Proper noise filtering measures may vary based on individual circumstances.