Wiring Mechanical Limit Switch on a C82


Wiring Mechanical Limit Switches on a C82


General Recommendations on Setting up Home/Limit Switches: 

  1. Note that the Limit function is disabled while homing, so it is smart to use the same switches for homing and limits.  It is also a good practice to connect positive and negative signals to the same input, as the control software really cares only to know which axis the signal comes from, but the software knows in what direction the axis is moving.
  2. Test with just one Switch.  Once set up for the switch is complete, proceed to the other switches which should go the same way as the first one.
  3. When you wire the switch, test the switch and watch for action on the LED on the breakout board.  Use also the Diagnostics Screen to verify that the Motion Controller/Control Software is seeing action on the input signal.
  4. Enable Homing and disable Limits for the axis you wired and test homing.  You may need to invert the active High/Low for the input signal.  Depending on how you define the table and the location of the switch, you may need to set an offset, to make sure the Machine Zero, is located in the position of the table that you want.
  5. Once Homing for the axis worked OK, enable the limits and test them.  If when you enable them, you immediately get the limit error on the screen, then you need to invert the active high/low of that signal.
  6. Finally, it is good practice to enable and configure the Softlimits.  These will be active after homing the machine, and by it knowing where the position of the limit switches is, the machine can slow down while moving close to the limits and also will warn you and not allow you to crash the machine.