C25XP - Smooth Stepper Integrated Board

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C25XP - Smooth Stepper Integrated Board

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C25XP - Smooth Stepper Integrated Board
C25XP - Smooth Stepper Integrated Board

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    The C25XP is a High-Speed Motion Controller using an Ethernet connection with True Real-Time Functions. It supports Mach3/4 so it can be highly flexible.

    Connect ANYTHING with Clean and Simple Connections

    • Steppers
    • VFD
    • Limits/Homes.
    • Vacuum
    • Probe
    • Coolant Pump.
    • etc...




    Highly Expandable:


    Full of Features

    • Can ship with the Ethernet Smooth Stepper Motion Controller installed
    when purchased as a bundle.
    • Built-in PWM-Based Speed Control and Two Built-in Electromechanical
    Relays with NO and NC positions for spindle control.
    • The system monitors:
    - E-Stop
    - Safety Charge Pump.
    • Electromechanical Relay with NO and NC positions for general purpose
    (Port_2 16 or 17, jumper-selectable).
    • Microcontroller based SCHP (Safety Charge Pump).
    • Optoisolated inputs working at 5-24VDC.
    • Uses a single +24VDC to power the system. It generates the isolated voltage for the spindle control circuit and +5vdc for circuits using TTL
    • Status LEDs on all input and output connections.
    • DIN Rail mountable.
    • Open Collector Outputs pins 1, 14, 16, 17 on Port 2.
    • Screw-On connections for all terminals.
    • Status LEDs for enable.
    • The ENABLE Output of the C25XP is now tied to LPT3. So that relay or
    breakout boards connected to LPT3 will be enabled/disabled with the
    • Available installers and configuration files that configure all the functions
    of the board

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       Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    • Arturo Duncan - 5 years ago
      US and International modes of operations for VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) and Speed Controllers

      VFDs and motors have two way of operation, in the US we use CW and CCW, in the rest of the world, or INT (International) it is used START/STOP and DIRECTION. These settings can usually be adjusted VFD settings.  The chances are that if you purchased the V...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 3 years ago
      Why use Ethernet Connection for my Motion Controller?

      The Ethernet Connection has many advantages over USB.  It is more reliable as Ethernet runs a client-server connection, while USB runs as a Windows Device.  If there happens to be any glitch in the communication, you can lose the USB d...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 3 years ago
      Is the ESS included with the C25XP?

      Yes, you can choose to add it or not on checkout to give the option to users who already own an ESS to get the board without purchasing an ESS again. If you purchase it as a bundle, it will come with the ESS preinstalled.
      Read more

    • Victor - 2 years ago
      I have a Warp9 ESS. To reduce some EMI issues, I would like to convert ESS 5v pulse/direction to 24v since my motor drivers accept 5v or 24v pulse/direction signals. Is this the best board for that purpose?

      Yes, the C79 or C80 would help you safely tap into +24vdc logic, which can be less prone to noise. Make sure the negative of the main power supply is not common with the negative of the ESS or breakout board. I think the C25XP should be a good option fo...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 2 years ago
      Using Relays 1 and 2 as General-Purpose Relays

      Relays 1 and 2 are intended to be used for controlling the VFD or Speed Controller and are intended to activate the FOR and REV signals (US MODE) or the ON/OFF and CW/CCW (INTernational MODE).  But if you do not need to control the VFD, but intend to...
      Read more

    • Ernesto - 1 years ago
      Using 24v power, at what max amp should I used?

      We recomend using a 2A ower supply. A larger power supply may be needed if powerinf other devices through the C25XP.
      Read more

    • Andres - 1 years ago
      Hello,Does the C25XP card supply the smoothstepper card with 5vdc or is an external power supply required?

      Yes, the C25XP has regulators to power the ESS. You really only need one power supply.
      Read more

    • Jérôme - 1 years ago
      What to do with the ENA+ and ENA- terminals of the drivers? Should they be left empty or connected to each other?

      Yes, you leave the EN+ and EN- empty.  The drivers are normally enabled if left disconnected.  If your application does require enabling/disabling the driver, then you can tie it to an output pin or to the SCHP to have them enabled when the syst...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 2 years ago
      How do the inputs work on this board?

      The board has 2 banks of input that could be handled independently and isolated from each other and from the board. Each bank of inputs has bidirectional inputs which activate with a voltage between +5vdc and +24vdc. If the signals that you want to ac...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 2 years ago
      How does the Spindle Control work on the CNC4PC Multifunction Breakout Boards

      The relays are not directly tied pins in the configuration, as it is the breakout board that is driving the relays based on the step(PWM) and dir received from the controller and the US/INT Mode selected to drive the spindle. Please check this: https://ww...
      Read more

    • BRAD - 1 years ago
      C25xp can I use 5 volt on port 2 pin 2 to Com to close circuit install air pressure (do I need any resistance in a circuit )

      That pin is an input pin. I understand the signal is active high, so +5vdc is high, so you would put GND or the common for the signal to COM2 and the signal itself to pin 2 port 2. The inputs are very easy to use, these are just bidirectional optos that...
      Read more


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