C76 - UC300ETH Multifunction Board.

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The C76 supplies full access to the power of the UC300ETH board. It emulates 5 ports for discrete signals and a port for analogs. It allows wiring TTL or industrial type Open Collector inputs and outputs.

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C76 - UC300ETH Multifunction Board.
C76 - UC300ETH Multifunction Board.

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    The C76 supplies full access to the power of the UC300ETH board.  It emulates 5 ports for discrete signals and a port for analogs.  It allows wiring TTL or industrial type Open Collector inputs and outputs.  


    • Designed for UC300ETH motion controller.

    • 3 Expansion Ports

    • Built-in PWM-Based Speed Control and Two Built-in Electromechanical Relays with NO and NC positions for spindle control.

    • Monitors E-Stop, Safety Charge Pump, Driver Fault and VFD Fault. 

    • It is compatible with family of C34 connector boards that allow quickly connecting to popular drives connecting not just the step and direction signals, but also the fault and enable signals.

    • Electromechanical Relay with NO and NC positions for general purpose (Port_2 16 or 17, jumper-selectable).  If tied to pin 17 The relay will remain active while the system is active, making it ideal to control the power to the system.

    • Independent Optoisolation Circuits for each port.

    • Power terminal (10-30VDC).  This can power the entire logic of the system.

    • Outputs +3.3vdc at 24mA TTL.

    • Status LEDs on all inputs connections.

    • 18 inputs ports.

    • Flexible Driver Connection.

    • Analog I/O port pinout.

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    • New Fault Reporting Feature for the C76 and UCCNC
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       Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    • Arturo Duncan - 4 years ago
      What is a Safety Charge Pump (SCHP)?

      It is a watchdog.  It is a feature in which the control software will send a pulse stream through a pin, as if it was moving an axis.  Then a microcontroller on the breakout board will see that pulse stream and will know that the signals coming from the c...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 4 years ago
      I cannot get the green LED to enable on the breakout board

      3 conditions must be met to get the enable LED:   The board must be properly powered.  Check the documentation on the board, as a misunderstanding on how it is powered is very possible. The board must be connected to a PC/Motion Controller which is c...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 3 years ago
      US and International modes of operations for VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) and Speed Controllers

      VFDs and motors have two way of operation, in the US we use CW and CCW, in the rest of the world, or INT (International) it is used START/STOP and DIRECTION. These settings can usually be adjusted VFD settings.  The chances are that if you purchased the V...
      Read more

    • Befekadu Betretsidk - 2 years ago
      What is the spindle configuration needed, in UCCNC, to control the spindle with the software? I am using a Huanyang GT series vfd.

      This would depend on the breakout board.  The installers for our breakout boards would configure UCCNC to run the spindle with PWM at 300hz.
      Read more

    • Miguel Flores - 2 years ago
      Can the C-76 be used with Gecko 320X?

      YES!.  You can use with the C34G320. You will find info on wiring and setting this up under Product Download.
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 2 years ago
      Why use Ethernet Connection for my Motion Controller?

      The Ethernet Connection has many advantages over USB.  It is more reliable as Ethernet runs a client-server connection, while USB runs as a Windows Device.  If there happens to be any glitch in the communication, you can lose the USB d...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 2 years ago
      How fast does my Motion Controller need to be?

      You can estimate the appropriate speed requirement for your motion controller by understanding how fast you need your pulse stream to be.   You will need to balance axis travel speed and the step resolution or length of each step in actual machi...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 2 years ago
      Should I use an External Motion Controller running in real-time for my CNC?

      The main advantage of using an external motion controller is that runs all the function in a real-time environment. So many functions, like homing, reading an encoder, threading, probing, etc., are tied to the exact time in which they occur.  I...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 1 years ago
      Should I use the C76 with the UC300ETH or C82 with the Ethernet Smooth Stepper for my Plasma?

      You can use the C76 or C82, it is a matter of preference. They both work with Mach4. I will try to summarize the basic considerations: The UC300ETH may provide additional flexibility as it can also support UCCNC in addition to Mach3/4. It also depends...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 1 years ago
      How do I verify if the UC300ETH is receiving power?

      You can verify if the UC300ETH is receiving power by meaning the voltage at the pin with the +5vdc and using any of the pins with grounds as reference.  
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 1 years ago
      The Analog Output to the VFD is not stable

      The issue is related to noise coming back from the analog input terminals on the VFD. They are supposed to be isolated, but sometimes noise finds a way. There are two ways of fixing that: - Use shielded cables for the analog and its ground and ground the...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 7 months ago
      How do the inputs work on this board?

      The board has 2 banks of input that could be handled independently and isolated from each other and from the board. Each bank of inputs has bidirectional inputs which activate with a voltage between +5vdc and +24vdc. If the signals that you want to ac...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 6 months ago
      How does the Spindle Control work on the CNC4PC Multifunction Breakout Boards

      The relays are not directly tied pins in the configuration, as it is the breakout board that is driving the relays based on the step(PWM) and dir received from the controller and the US/INT Mode selected to drive the spindle. Please check this: https://ww...
      Read more

    • Jack - 3 months ago
      Will the UC300ETH work with Mach4. If not, will it be supported down the road?

      Yes, it works with Mach4. Note that there are some compatibility issues with the current version of Mach4, and an older version is recommended at this time. Please check these instructions which contain a link to the version that is recommended: https:/...
      Read more

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