C83-Optoisolator Board

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DB25 Optoisolator Board

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C83-Optoisolator Board
C83-Optoisolator Board

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    This card has been designed to provide an Optoisolated interface between motion controller and breakout board. of functions to your computer projects, by using the IDC26 port control.


    • Fully Optoisolated Inputs and Outputs. The card isolates connections to protect your computer from short-circuit. An opto-isolator is an integrated circuit that transmits the signal through an encapsulated LED and phototransistor. When the signal is on, the LED lights up, the phototransistor captures it and relays the signal. The signals are transmitted through light and not through physical connections. In this way, a power surge has no way of reaching your computer. That is the reason why this card has two power connections. One power connection is power powering the circuit that interacts with the PC; the other connection is for powering the circuit that interacts with your CNC system. Extra precautions have been taken when designing this circuit, by taking into consideration the extremely high voltages that stepper drivers can achieve and lack of experience that some users could have in wiring circuits of this kind. This board keeps the grounds of the PC isolated from the grounds of the rest of your CNC circuit. 
    • Support for up to 150 KHz optoisolation on step and direction signals. 
    • All TTL 5VDC signals 
    • Buffered outputs. 
    • Status LEDs on all inputs and output connections. 
    • IDC26 Connections.
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