CAN relay - PoRelay8 - Relay extension board with CAN bus 12V

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This CAN relay board allows expanding the number of outputs of the PoKeys device by using the PoExtBus. It features 8 relay outputs. Multiple boards can be daisy-chained with use of a CAN bus for up to 80 additional outputs.

PoRelay8 – CAN relay allows expanding the number of outputs of the PoKeys device. Because of using noise imune PoExtBus Smart or CAN interface it’s very reliable.

Above all PoRelay8 – CAN relay has improved robustness against noise on communication lines. Another improvement over similar products are failsafe configuration options.

PoRelay8 – CAN relay incorporates 8 electromechanical relays with terminals for NO, NC and common relay contacts. There is one green LED for power supply indication and 8 additional LEDs for relay operation indications. The device can be mounted to a standard DIN rail using the DIN rail mount adapters or directly via 4 mounting holes.

PoRelay8 is available either with 12 V or 24 V relays.


  • Daisy chaining of up to 10 PoRelay8 boards from the single PoExtBus connector
  • 8 built-in electromechanical relays with NO, NC and common contacts
  • 5 wires board-to-board ribbon cable for connecting to master device or chaining
  • Improved reliability over original PoExtBusRe boards
  • Daisy-chaining over CAN bus, allowing greater distances between each board in the chain with much improved noise immunity
  • Prepared for DIN rail mounting with DIN rail mount adapter


Comparison: PoExtBusRE vs. PoRelay8

The PoRelay8 replaces the (now obsolete) PoExtBusRE output extension device. Although, the PoRelay8 has the same physical dimensions as PoExtBusRE, it is a significant upgrade in reliability, robustness to electricla noise and functionality.

Industry standard CAN-bus allows chaining of multiple PoRelay8 CAN relay devices. Moreover, embedded error checking algorithms prevent electrical noise from affecting the state of the outputs. First PoRelay8 still connects directly to the PoKeys device using the PoExtBus. With PoKeys57 series devices, even data over PoExtBus connection is protected with error detection, making the solution trustworthy.

First PoRelay8 CAN relay board acts as a bridge between PoExtBus and CAN. Because of simpler operation, logical order of the PoRelay8 CAN relay devices doesn’t depend on the physical order of the devices. Instead, PoKeys aplication provides easy setup of device configuration and logical position in the sequence.

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