Centroid Plasma THC Kit

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In stock

Centroid Acorn THC controller

  • Centroid Acorn THC controller kit includes:
    • 1x THC TX control board
    • 1x THC RX control board
    • 1x 5' Fiber Optic Cable (TX to RX connection)
    • 1x 12" Shielded Serial Cable M/F Straight ( RX-to-Acorn connection)
      • Note: 18" and 36" 
    • 1x Din Rail Mount 24-volt power supply

Centroid's Torch Height Controller closes the loop between Plasma Arc Voltage and Torch Height via high-speed fiber optic communication.

The Centroid Acorn THC kit provides real-time closed-loop operation between the arc voltage and the torch height. The THC reads the arc voltage and sends that information to the Acorn controller via fiber optic isolation to Acorn's high-speed encoder port.
for PrimeWeld Cut60 and  for Everlast i/s series include the special Centroid "CNC" cable from the Cutter to the Centroid THC Kit
- Acorn CNC controller kit
- An Acorn CNC12 Plasma Pro software license

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