CNC310 3-Axis USB 125kHz 5V

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CNC310 3-Axis USB 125kHz 5V
CNC310 3-Axis USB 125kHz 5V

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    EdingCNC’s smallest CNC controller. It works with our starter software. However, it can be upgraded through separate licenses to full software, 4th axis, and/or ethernet interface.


    Eding CNC’s smallest CNC controller. This controller controls standard 3 axes with 125 kHz step frequency. By means of a USB interface, it simply connects to a Windows PC. With the accompanying Starter software you can do 2.5D CNC operations, ie milling flat surfaces. However, if you want more in the future then that is possible! Through separately available software licenses it is possible to upgrade to 4 axes, ethernet and/or Full software. With the complete software you can mill 3D, and you have more possibilities to make your own macros and even more …

    The CNC310 controller is standard used with the Starter software, this software is more limited compared to the Full standard software.

    Optional, for mounting the board we also offer a breakout board and a DIN rail mount for the breakout board.

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