CNC760 6 Axis Motion Controller

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The CNC760 is a 6-asix CNC controller with addional 4 extruder controllers. (SW licence included)


The newest CPU from EdingCNC is a further improvement over the CPU5B. The CNC760 does have a standard ethernet interface and the step frequency is increased to 400khz. The CNC760 also provides more IO options.


  • s-curve motion control
  • Powersupply 24VDC
  • 100Mbit ethernet interface
  • Stepfrequenty upto 400KHz
  • 6x steppermotor control (step/direction)
  • 4x 3D extruder control
  • 6x Home input (selectable NPN/PNP inputs)
  • 8x analogue inputs (12 bits)
  • 10 digital inputs
  • 10 digital outputs
  • 2x analogue 0-10V outputs
  • Numerous CNC specific in and outputs
  • RS485 interface
  • Pendant interface
  • Optional DIN rail mounting
  • Optional Breakout board available for easy connecting your setup
  • Dimensions 230x107mm 
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