DM556 20-50VDC 5.6A Stepper Motor Driver

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DM556 20-50VDC 5.6A Stepper Motor Driver


DM556 2-phase Digital Stepper Motor Driver  For CNC

Extra smooth movement
Low drive & motor heating
Step & direction or CW/CCW control
DSP-based stepper control technology
Automatic motor identification and self-configuration

● DIP switch current setting with 8 different values, up to 5.6A peak,

1.26A 1.80A, 2.36A, 2.92A, 3.51A, 4.09A, 4.64A, 5.2A

● Input voltage from 20VDC to 50VDC

● Short-circuit and over-voltage protection, LED turns to RED when voltage high than


● Compact size

● Pulse input frequency up to 200 kHz

● Support PUL/DIR

On =0, Off =1

SW4 =1 Half current

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