130mm AC 1.8KW Servo Kit

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 Axes DMM DYN4 AC 1.8KW Servo Kit

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130mm AC 1.8KW Servo Kit
130mm AC 1.8KW Servo Kit

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    • 4-wire high speed serial encoder bus, with 8-bit security code
    • DMMDRV4© graphical interface, Adaptive Tuning Technology
    • Single/Three-Phase 110~240VAC ± 10% 50/60Hz input
    • Industry standard Position, Velocity, Torque servo modes
    • Serial [UART,SPI], Pulse/Sign, CW/CCW, A/B Quadrature, and Analog Command
    • A/B/Z Quadrature incremental encoder output
    • Motor Current, Absolute Position, Position Error Monitor Outputs
    • RS485/RS232 networking
    • Integrated Point to Point S-curve motion, linear & circular coordinated motion


    Servo Motor Model120-DST-A6 _ _ 1
    Rated Output 1.8kW
    Rated Voltage 200V
    Applicable Servo Drive DYN4-T01
    Rated Torque 11.5Nm
    Instantaneous Max. Torque 28.7Nm
    Rated Current 16.7A
    Max. Current 36.3A
    Rated Speed 1500rpm
    Max. Speed 3000rpm
    Rotor Inertia 23.8kg-cm^2
    Torque Coefficient 0.74N∙m/A
    Encoder 16-bit Absolute [ ABS-16-01 ]
    Mass 9.38kg
    Ratings Time Rating: Continuous
    Thermal Class: F
    Excitation Method: Permanent Magnet
    Insulation Resistance: DC500V, >20MΩ
    Noise: ≤60dB; No Special Noise
    Environment Ambient Temperature: 0~40 °C
    Storage: -20~50°C
    Ambient Humidity: 20~80%
    No Condensation
    Enclosure IP65
    Shock 98m/s2 Max. (10G)
    More Information
    Shaft Type Straight
    Motor Frame 130mm
    Watts 1800
    Shaft Size 1/4"
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