Ether-Mach Motion Controller for Mach4 CNC

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Ether-Mach Motion Controller for Mach4 CNC
Ether-Mach is the latest motion controller from Stepper3 LLC for Artsoft's Mach4 CNC software. With the Ether-Mach controller and Mach4, you can build a CNC system that is faster, more configurable, and more responsive than ever before! With Ethernet connectivity and 3 parallel port headers, Ether-Mach is a simple, reliable, and performant solution for your next CNC project.


  • Connects over a dedicated 100 Mbps Ethernet connection.
  • Smooth motion on up to 12 simultaneous step/dir motors (Max 6 coordinated).
  • Supports homing, jogging, probing, MPGs, and PWM/motor spindle control.
  • 15 digital inputs (with configurable debounce) and 36 digital outputs on 3 IDC 26 (parallel port) headers.
  • Fully configurable IO: No need to rewire when you can just reconfigure!
  • 3.3v or 5v pin voltage. Runs on a 9-24 volt DC supply.
  • Fast and easy firmware upgrades for forwards compatibility.
  • Free 3D printer files to make your own case!
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