• Can I use PayPal as payment method on checkout?

    I am sorry, we had to disable PayPal on Checkout as there was a bug in the PayPal Checkout Plugin for our website that was causing errors in some orders. So we had to temporarily disable it while PayPal fixes it. If you need to use PayPal, please...
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  • I need a copy of my invoice or order and shipping information.

    If you need to access and/or print copies of your invoice(s) and other information or document regarding your order, such as shipping and order details, you can find and prin...
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  • I am getting an “defective plugin” error message when installing the plugin.

    You need install or enable .Net2.0.  This comes on Win10 computers but sometimes it is kept disabled, so you need to go to Programs and Features and make sure it is enabled.

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  • What UCCNC Software version needs to be used with the AXBB-E?

    You need to use UCCNC Development Version 1.2109 or above.  You can download the latest UCCNC software under the Download Attachements for...
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