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Ronald Thompson Total posts: 2 Joined: 10/19/19 11:59:47

Thanks! I am still in the "what if" stage of planning. The machine is operational with the original controller, but has very small memory and no DNC capability. I need to run large programs for mold making, so I am looking at options. I appreciate your time, thank you.

Posted: 10/19/19 12:44:23
Arturo Duncan Total posts: 150 Joined: 08/07/17 18:32:46

I do not see a problem with using the Geneva Wheel.  Keep in mind the macro is written in C#, so you can do anything.  You just need to be sure you feel comfortable scripting in C#.  CNCDrive also has good support, so you can open a ticket with them, and they will answer your questions.  They helped write that macro.  The idea is that you probably start with the script we have online and customize it with your machine.

Arturo Duncan

Posted: 10/19/19 12:34:24
Ronald Thompson Total posts: 2 Joined: 10/19/19 11:59:47

Thanks for offering to answer questions! I am considering adding a UC300 to a 1990 Haas VF1. It has a 16 tool carousel ATC. I believe it uses a geneva wheel. It looks like the ATC in this video does not. Is this a serious deterent to getting a macro to work? Thanks!

Posted: 10/19/19 11:59:47
Arturo Duncan Total posts: 150 Joined: 08/07/17 18:32:46

This an AXYZ router which was retrofitted using a UC300+M44+C62 using UCCNC.  We just replaced the main circuit boards and the main power supply, but did not touch any of the wiring.  We wired all the signals that were previously going to the older electronics to the new C62 board.

I need to thank Terry Parker for the original script for both the tool changer and the auto-zero tool macros, which helped me understand scripting in UCCNC and who was also very helpful answering questions.  I also must thank Balazs Klincsik of CNC Drive for his patience with and making himself available for questions on scripting and troubleshooting the macros.

The Auto-Zero Tool macro script can be found from here:


The the macro for the ATC can be found here:


There is lots of room for improvement here.  I do want to go back to the machine and do several improvements, but I want to let the customer cut some parts first and put the system to the test.


!!!WARNING!!!  This info is posted to show potential users how this is done.  This can be extremely dangerous.  Just think of what would happen if that tool is released while the spindle is turning at full speed… If you attempt to do this, you should consult with an automation specialist.   There are too many considerations: any cable could break or make a short, an airline could burst, your PC could get a blue screen (it is windows), etc…  Failsafe practices need to be applied.  Note that this system is based on the C62 which can disable the systems on a fault condition at hardware level. It is not my intention to oversimplify this, I am just trying to show it as clear as possible.

I will be happy to answer any questions. 


Arturo Duncan

Posted: 08/07/17 21:03:22
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