MASSO Controller Relay Module

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MASSO 6 Relay Module


MASSO 6 relay module provides optical isolation to high voltage/current signals from MASSO controller.

  • Multi-color LED’s for each relay helps easily troubleshoot issues.
  • Green color LED indicates that a signal is received to switch on the relay and the relay has been switched on.
  • Red color LED indicates that a signal to switch on the relay has been received but the relay has failed and not working.



  • Optical isolation to protect low voltage components and MASSO.
  • Multi-color LED’s status to show input signal status and relay fail status.
  • Works with a single 24VDC power supply.
  • Each relay can be used to control 5 Amp 28VDC or 5 Amp 240VAC load.
  • Easy mounting using M3 screws.
  • WARNING: Connecting the power polarity in reverse will damage the relay module.
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