MPG2 - Pendant

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CNC4PC     MPG2 - Pendant

This is a well built pendant with the functions needed for jog CNC equipment. I is sturdy, and professional looking


 Works with Mach3 on a second parallel port or through I/O Modbus devices.

 Metallic hand wheel with professional look and feel.

 Axis selector knob. X, Y, Z, 4.

 Jogging resolution or speed selector knob.

 E-Stop Button.

 Enable bush button.

 Jog "ON" LED.

 Cradle for placing it on the machine.

 Optional adapter for connecting it directly to LPT2

Requires a second parallel port, you can source one here

  Quadrature +5VDC A and B output.

  Requires +5VDC.

 100 Pulses per revolution with detent per pulse.

 All TTL +5VDC or +3.3VDC Signals. Interface directly with parallel port interface products and other cards. 5VDC (TTL) signals are very common among automation devices.

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