Non-Contact Height Sensor for Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cutter

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Non-Contact Height Sensor for Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cutter


Non-Contact Height Sensor for Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cutter

Our torch capacitive height sensor with control unit can be fitted or retrofitted to any CNC Plasma or Flame Cutters.


  • Non Contact, High Sensitive.
  • Height Adjustable "External" and Gap (Window) Adjustable "Internal".
  • UP , DOWN, Outputs Up to 24V.
  • ERROR output for Crash Detection and Short/Open Sensor Head.
  • Four LED display shows UP, DOWN, Sensor Disconnect, Sensor Cable Short or Touch to Work Plate.
  • Perfect Solution for Flame Cutters.
  • Can be used as a IHS (Initial Height Sensing) for plasma cutters with voltage controlled height control systems such as Torchmate(TM) or Animatics Smart Motor controlled axis. It is also possible continuously height controll with Mach3 especially with Cap01PWM
  • Ohmic sensing is a problem on rusty materials. Cap01 is not need to touch.
  • Due to non-contact operation, saves several seconds on each cut, allowing more cuts per hour.
  • Allows the arc voltage control to be disabled while cutting. Especially in corners, torch slowing down and this cause torch close to work pate
  • Prevents the torch from diving into workpiece during corners or when initially piercing heavy plate.
  • Also use as a Limit Switch and Crash / Collision Detector for torch head
  • Aluminium Die Cast Sealed box meet IP65 and Nema4.
  • Replaceable Sensing Ring.
  • Easy mount.
  • PWM outputs drive H-Bridge-9
  • PWM duty ratio change proportional with height
  • Continuously monitoring the Torch height.
  • It operates in the narrow band. This allows high speed and smooth movement of the Z axis.


Prevent Plasma Gas Snuffing: Double arcing, occurs when the torch begins to pierce with the torch nozzle touching the working plate. An example, if the torch-height controller find its initial height by pushing against the plate, and if the plate is thin enough to be pushed down, then the retraction of the torch will not set the correct initial height. The torch will fail to clear the plate because the plate follows the torch back up to its initial height setting. Snuffing of the plasma gas leads to uncontrolled double-arcing in the plasma chamber, causing catastrophic failure of the electrode and nozzle.



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