Unregulated Linear 864W/72VDC/12A Toroidal Power Supply with 5VDC

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Unregulated Power Supply 864W, 72VDC/12A

This linear toroidal unregulated power supply is perfect for demanding motion control projects. With 72VDC/12A power handling, your large steppers or servos will always have clean, stable, un-switched power.


Unregulated Power Supply 864W, 72VDC/12A,

Single Rectifier Module,

Input: 120VAC or 230VAC.

Output: 72VDC,12A Max, 5VDC

AC power connections:

115Vac – 2 red wires to neutral & 2 black wires to hot.

220Vac – 1st red wire to hot, 1st black wire to 2nd red wire, and

the 2nd black wire to hot.

Note: The transformer is CE certified

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Watts 864
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