This configuration shows how to configure a standard Mach3 Plasma profile.


Used software: Mach3 Version 3.043.062 with Win 10 Fix.

STEP 1: Start by making a backup of the existing installation:

Make a backup of the configuration and file installation, we recommend creating a backup of the current installation by right-clicking in the current installation folder and zipping it. 



STEP 2: Configure Mach3 and ESS Plugin according to the screenshots below or download and install this XML.




STEP 3: Test the Wiring and Configuration: 

  • Press the knob three times to enter test mode in the THC and observe the ARC OK signal activate.
  • Turn the knob up or down to move the axis and observe the Torch UP and Torch Down LEDs activate when moving in each direction.  The Z-Axis should also move to adjust the position.
  • To exit test mode, press the knob once.